glerp (glerp) wrote in rpg_makers,

Do you love Glee? Fan fiction? Role playing? If so, myself and a few other Gleek rp'ers would love to have you. We are desperately in need of a few very important Gleeks for some really awesome story lines. Artie, Sugar(our Rory would flip for her), Joe Hart, Will Schuester, Cooper Anderson and Warblers: Thad, Flint & Trent (we have Nick, Jeff & Sebastian!). These are roles that would provide a lot of fun for a dedicated writer. If Glee and role play interest you, I hope you will take a look at

Do you love Glee? Love role playing? wmhigh just might be the group PSL for you! Our writers are all active, friendly, chat on aim, comment and scene regularly.

Currently we are looking for: Artie, Sugar, Joe Hart, Will Schuester, Shelby, Cooper Anderson, Warblers: Thad, Trent, Flint & David, Emma, Harmony and more.

Questions? Feel free to comment and ask. Interested in playing? Click here. We would love to have you!
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