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rpg_makers's Journal

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The Roleplayers
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This community is made especially for role players. Role playing is quite a lot like playing "House" or "Cops and Robbers." Characters are created, and the creater of that character [ sometimes called a mundane, or mun, for short ] plays out the character. The characters outlook on life is far different from the mundane's. Think of it as the character and the mundane as being two different people [ though it may be similar ]. There are no limits in this community; we ask simply that you be fair with your character's abilities.

So how does this community work? Simple. You post the first strip of your RPG into the community journal from your LJ client. Whoever it is that makes the first post of strips [ or lines ] is going to be the Game Master [ or GM ] for that RPG. Someone else replies to that post in a comment with their own strip of role playing. If you reply to someone's post, it must have something to do with what is going on in that particular post. If someone has their character in a coffee shop, do not reply to that post with your character being in a completely different realm. Make the comments match. If I feel that this isn't happening with any posts, I will delete the post immediately.

Now, role playing is not your only choice in this community. You may post your character ideas, or even your RPg ideas. Character images are also welcome. But the subjects of these types of post must be OOC, or Out of Character.

I hope you Roleplayers enjoy this community. Have fun. Let your imaginations run wild.

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